Saturday, 18 August 2012

When is the Best Time to Visit Paris?

When planning a trip to Paris, one of your most pressing questions is likely to be "when is the best time to go?" If you're set to visit Paris for the first time, you may be persuaded that the much-lauded "Paris in the springtime" is the obvious choice-- but depending on your budget, tolerance for large crowds, and centers of interest, another time of year may suit you better.

Similarly, if you've been to Paris before, you may wonder whether a fall or winter visit will be worthwhile, given rumors of cold, bitter conditions and gloomy locals. The reality, though, is far more nuanced-- the winter holiday season in Paris offers plenty of light and celebration, and in the fall, events like the Montmartre Wine Harvest bring the city to life in a memorable way.

As a resident of the city of light, my own take is that every season here has its charms and pitfalls-- as anywhere else! Use this guide to help make an informed decision about when to plan your Parisian sojourn. Browse the resources below to navigate to detailed guides on each season.

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